Our relationship with the PocketCampus team is excellent. Their professionalism, efficiency, and reactivity have resulted in PocketCampus at EPFL being a highly popular and appreciated app, on which thousands of students and employees rely daily.
Their capacity to innovate, their extensive experience, and their ability to collaborate with different entities make us confident that EPFL’s mobile future is in good hands.
— Didier Rey, delegate to the Vice-President of Information Systems, EPFL
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PocketCampus at EPFL

PocketCampus is deployed at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (Swiss Institute of Technology, Lausanne). The app is very popular and quickly became a key tool for thousands of students and employees daily.

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Some numbers (fall 2016):

  • Over 10'000 actives users
  • Half of these users use the app every day
  • More than 5000 students access their Moodle course documents every week.
  • More than 7,000 students check their schedule during the first week of the semesters.
  • Every day, 2,500 documents are printed with PocketCampus on average, which represents over 90% of the documents printed by EPFL students.

What users say about PocketCampus

PocketCampus is getting excellent reviews from its users at EPFL, with means of more than 4.7 / 5 on the different platforms it is available on.

Some Comment samples

Great, useful, well done and essential for any EPFL student.
— By J.Muth
Truly useful as an EPFL student and very reliable. Nice user interface with fast and complete functionalities; I wish all apps were so well developed !
— By G.
Every university should have this great app.
Polished, reliable, just great.
— By C.Z.
Probably the most useful app on my phone. I use it daily, the updates always bring more great features to the app. Great job!
— By silverywolfff
Amazing app!
A really well made app, extra-complete, simple to use and with a beautiful interface!
— By adriensimonepfl
Great app!!!
Awesome work guys
— By Mash1909