EPFL Campus allows you to print documents (PDFs only), at EPFL, on the Canon printers. You can print from within EPFL Campus, in the Moodle section of the app or from other apps since iOS 8. 

How to print from other apps

In general, you can print PDFs from any app that supports the iOS share button:

By tapping this button, a share menu such as this one usually shows up:

Select EPFL Print. If the option does not appear, tap More et enable EPFL Print.

Special cases

Some apps require one or two additional steps to reach the EPFL Print option. Below are a few typical examples. It is quite common that the required additional step is to first select the option Open in.

Google Drive

  1. In the documents list, or in the document view, tap the button made out of 3 small vertical dots

  2. Select Open in

  3. Select EPFL Print (select More and enable EPFL Print if the option does not appear)

Mail (attachment) (iOS 9+)

  1. Open the attachment

  2. Tap the share icon (see above) in the bottom-left corner

  3. Select EPFL Print (select More and enable EPFL Print if the option does not appear)


  • Unfortunately, iBooks does not allow printing documents via PocketCampus for now.

Some app not listed here is causing you trouble? Contact-us!