Alex arrives at 8 a.m. on the campus of her university. Her first class, Biology, starts at 8:15, so she decides to quickly print the slides for the day, directly from her smartphone, thanks to PocketCampus.

Her class is followed by two hours of exercises with the assistants. Using PocketCampus, she gets on her tablet the PDF of the exercise that was uploaded to Moodle.

It's almost noon and her exercises are over. She chats with her friends to decide where they want to go for lunch. They end up going to the South cafeteria after comparing the menus.

As the afternoon begins, Alex is not sure about her schedule. She thus checks it in PocketCampus and sees that she has to go in room 34 for her Accounting class. Thanks to the integrated the map, she finds the room easily.

Later, she recalls that she wants to ask a question to an assistant of the Programming class. She thus looks up his name in the directory, and sees that his office is on the second floor of building D.

As the day comes to an end, Alex decides to go home. She uses the Transport feature to know when her next bus leaves.

Just before going to bed, Alex checks the campus news and events in PocketCampus and finds out that there is a party the next night.