Amer Chamseddine

Amer Chamseddine

Amer has over eight years of experience in the mobile industry. He has built entreprise-grade software that now runs on millions of Android devices worldwide. Amer loves the challenge of building secure systems. He has therefore made sure that the PocketCampus infrastructure is robust, scalable, and reliable.

Loïc Gardiol

Loïc Gardiol

Loïc holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from EPFL. He was part of the team of students that built the first prototype of PocketCampus. In addition to being an expert in iOS development, he cares about details and loves to shape products, from design to deployment, in order to create useful, pragmatic, and easy-to-use mobile solutions.


Matteo Giorla
iOS Developer


Charles Parzy
Web Developer


Mikael Morales
Android Developer


Solal Pirelli
Windows & Backend Developer


Board of Advisors

Edouard Bugnion

Prof. Edouard Bugnion
Co-founder of VMware

George Candea

Prof. George Candea
Co-founder of Aster Data Systems
and Cyberhaven

Olivier Gardiol

Olivier Gardiol
Former Member of the
Bobst Group Executive Committee

Antoine Lorotte

Antoine Lorotte
Co-founder & CEO of FiveCo



And other people with whom we had the privilege to work with, in particular during the
first steps of the project, at EPFL: PocketCampus Alumni