Amer Chamseddine

Loïc Gardiol

Mattia Pelloni
Head of Business Development & Sales

Fayez Mourad
Software Engineer Intern

Jalal Mostafa
Software Engineer

Jibreel Tozlok
Software Engineer

Colin Branca
Software Engineer

Jules Courtois
Software Engineer

Matteo Giorla
Software Engineer

Mikael Morales
Software Engineer


Mentors & Advisors

Prof. Edouard Bugnion
Co-founder of VMWare

Prof. George Candea
Co-founder of Aster Data Systems
and Cyberhaven

Olivier Gardiol
Former Member of the
Bobst Group Executive Committee

Antoine Lorotte
Co-founder & CEO of FiveCo



A number of people also worked on the project, in particular during its early stage, at EPFL:
PocketCampus Alumni