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PocketCampus for Companies

Why your employees are going to love it.


PocketCampus for Companies

Why your employees are going to love it.

PocketCampus applications provide a centralized, mobile friendly, and single sign-on access to your services. Learn more

Make Your Employees More Efficient

Make Your Employees More Efficient

Leverage the Power of Mobile




PocketCampus was mobile-first from the start. We build apps that are straightforward to use, yet offer powerful features.

Differentiate Yourself

Recruiting Argument


« Wow »

Be a pioneer, not only in the work environement, but also in the tools you provide to your employees.

Employees Efficiency

All-in-all, we help you make your employees more efficient from day one,
giving them more time to focus on their work.

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For your employees productivity...

For your employees productivity...

Mobile Printing

1-tap, between
two meetings

Breakdown Reporting

Broken equipment?
Report it in a tap.


Where is this
meeting room?
Is it free?


Learn about my

Practical Info

Emergencies, travel,
IT support...

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For their life at your company...

For their life at your company...

Push Internal

Targeted push



What's today's menu
at the restaurant?

My Card

Balance. History.
Recharge. Transfers.


Book or buy my
parking spot


Latest public news
from my company


And more, together.

We are always listening to your ideas.

And more, together.

We are always listening to your ideas.

Your Custom

We build highly customizable apps that fit your specific needs. We would be thrilled to discuss those with you in details. Get in touch

How It Works

How It Works

A new app is created for your company, with your name, logo, and colors. We then deploy and maintain your app on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) under your name (if you have developer accounts), or in your internal App Store (MDM). 

Communication with Your Information Systems

PocketCampus typically communicates with information systems via web services.

Some existing information systems are supported out of the box, like Canon uniFLOW for Mobile Printing, Active Directory (LDAP) for the Directory, and more.

Users Authentication

In general, PocketCampus is very flexible in terms of authentication, and adapts to your existing scheme. If you have a delegation system in place, such as OAuth2, it can be very easily adopted. If not, user credentials can be stored securely on-device, for SSO purposes.

Architecture & Security

The PocketCampus platform is composed of the native mobile app on iOS and Android, and a server part. The server part communicates with your information systems and forwards the information back to the mobile app.

All the communication between the PocketCampus server and the app is done via a secure HTTPS connection and the PocketCampus server never stores any user private data.

The PocketCampus server can be hosted in your infrastructure or in the cloud. It communicates with your information systems via secure connections.


Option 1: PocketCampus Server On-Premise

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Option 2: PocketCampus Server in the Cloud