A new app, based on PocketCampus, is created for your institution, with your name, logo, and colors. You decide which existing features of PocketCampus you want to enable, and new features can be developed to fulfil your needs.

You want to know more? Contact us, we would be happy to answer any question you might have.

Communication with Your Information Systems

PocketCampus typically communicates with information systems via web services.

Some existing information systems are supported directly, like Moodle for course documents, LDAP for the directory, and IS-Academia for the course schedule and grades

Users Authentication

PocketCampus includes a user interface allowing your students and employees to log in with their existing account. OAuth2 is supported out of the box, but can adapt to other authentication protocols.

Architecture & Security

The PocketCampus platform is composed of the iOS and Android apps, and a server part. The server communicates with your information systems and transmits the information back to the mobile apps in a normalized way.

All the communication between the PocketCampus server and the apps is done in a secure way, via an HTTPS connection. Furthermore, the PocketCampus server never stores any user sensitive data as it goes through it.

The PocketCampus server is typically hosted in the cloud or in you infrastructure, while communicating with your web services via secure connections.