When we launched Mobile Printing at EPFL, late 2014, we did not expect the feature to be so popular. Since then, the PocketCampus solution has become the way to go for most EPFL students, used on a daily basis to print documents and primarily course material. Not surprisingly, printing using the app is way easier than printing from a traditional computer, as it requires zero configuration. Forget about setting up a printer, installing a driver, etc., printing is now mobile and one tap away.

On an average day, at EPFL, over 3,500 documents are printed using the PocketCampus app, however, today, we are excited to announce that we passed the bar of 1,000,000 documents printed on the move!

The PocketCampus solution is already deployed at various universities and companies, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Canon in order to bring our technology to many more campuses to come.