PocketCampus builds all-in-one and easy-to-use applications for higher education and large enterprises.

Deployed at multiple universities and international corporations, PocketCampus apps have an extremely high adoption rate and highly satisfied users.

What are the lunch menus?
What's my card balance?
Where is room 356?
Can I print from my phone?
What are the latest announcements?
How can I report this broken light?
What's the emergency number?
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Centralized Access for Your Services

PocketCampus centralizes all your most important services in one place, for increased visibility and ease-of-access on a daily basis.

Mobile Friendly Access to Your Services

PocketCampus makes accessing your information and services easy and fun on mobile devices.

Single Sign-On, for Real

Login once, access all the services securely. Take advantage of the security features of modern smartphones, such as biometric sensors (fingerprint, face, ...). The app can also be used as a second factor for strong authentication.