1 Million Documents Printed with PocketCampus at EPFL!

1 Million Documents Printed with PocketCampus at EPFL!

When we launched Mobile Printing at EPFL, late 2014, we did not expect the feature to be so popular. Since then, the PocketCampus solution has become the way to go for most EPFL students, used on a daily basis to print documents and primarily course material. Not surprisingly, printing using the app is way easier than printing from a traditional computer, as it requires zero configuration. Forget about setting up a printer, installing a driver, etc., printing is now mobile and one tap away.

On an average day, at EPFL, over 3,500 documents are printed using the PocketCampus app, however, today, we are excited to announce that we passed the bar of 1,000,000 documents printed on the move!

The PocketCampus solution is already deployed at various universities and companies, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Canon in order to bring our technology to many more campuses to come.

Swiss EdTech Collider: PocketCampus Joins the Adventure

Swiss EdTech Collider: PocketCampus Joins the Adventure

On April 27th, EPFL inaugurated its new incubator for startups: the Swiss EdTech Collider. The particularity of this space is its dedication to startups active in the field of Digital Education. Grouped together, entrepreneurs will be able to exchange ideas, resources, and experiences, while benefitting from great visibility and specialized coaching.

PocketCampus is very happy to be part of this adventure from the start, along with 30 other startups. Our mission being largely motivated by the digitalization and simplification of tools for students,, we are looking forward to what we will be able to learn from meeting other entrepreneurs in this field. Education is at the dawn of a large transformation, this is going to be fun!

Watch our pitch

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Official Website: https://edtech-collider.ch/

Photo Copyright: EPFL - Alain Herzog

The EPFL Open House App by PocketCampus

The EPFL Open House App by PocketCampus

The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne opened its doors to the public on November 5th and 6th 2016. This major event brought together 35'000 people from all generations on the campus, coming to discover what scientific research offers to the society.

PocketCampus was happy to build a dedicated app for the visitors, grouping into one place all the useful information to make the most out of the event. Features include the full, searchable program of the event, and a detailed, interactive map of the campus.

While being a native app on iOS and Android, the PocketCampus technology allowed the organizers to update the structure and the content of the app in real time during the event. This dynamism, as well as the ease-of-use, design, and reliability of the app, were greatly appreciated.

EPFL Renews its Trust in PocketCampus for Four Years

EPFL Renews its Trust in PocketCampus for Four Years

One does not change a winning team!

Since its launch in 2013, PocketCampus has had a lot of success within the EPFL community. With more than 10'000 active users, half of which using it daily, the app has become the one-and-only mobile tool, helping the school's students, professors, and employees in their daily life.

The mobile app continuously collects hundreds of excellent reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, praising its rich set of features, ease of use, reliability, and constant evolution.

We are therefore very happy to announce that EPFL has decided to renew its trust in PocketCampus for four more years, guaranteeing a top-notch mobile platform to its community for the coming years.

A few numbers on the usage of PocketCampus at EPFL:

  • More than 10'000 active users, half of which use the app daily
  • More than 5'000 students use it to access their course documents daily
  • About 2'500 documents are printed via the app every day, representing 90% of the prints done by students


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